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    Can someone explain in … WTH !!! an IFRAME …

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    _An inline frame places another HTML document in a frame. Unlike an object element, an inline frame can be the “target” frame for links defined by other elements and it can be selected by the user agent as the focus for printing, viewing its source, etc.
    The content of the element is used as alternative text to be displayed if the browser does not support iframes.
    First introduced by Microsoft Internet Explorer in 1997, standardized in HTML 4.0 Transitional, allowed in HTML 5._

    []( “”)

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    Basically an iframe is a box on your page that is, effectively, a holder for content that is pulled in from another Internet page. It doesn’t have to be a page on your site, it could be from anywhere.

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    Ok … now that makes sense … thanks for the help …

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