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    Can you import two css files or only one


    My Custom Style Sheet


    /* First Pull In Bootstrap Stylesheet */

    @import url(bootstrap.css)

    /* Second Pull In Open Cart Stylesheet*/

    @import url(stylesheet.css)

    Is that how it is done.


    I would say you need a semicolon ‘;’ after each @import statement.

    @import url(bootstrap.css);
    @import url(stylesheet.css);

    (sorry my reply seems a bit weird with the forum’s formatting, I suspect Chris is fixing this.)


    ok will give it ago tomorrow just teaching my self twitter bootstrap.


    Also make sure that the the path of the css files are what you defined there.

    @import url(bootstrap.css); means that you are trying to pull it from the same directory that your style sheet is in.

    If you’ve placed the bootstrap.css file in a different folder/directory, it should be

    @import url(path-to-folder-with-bootstrap/bootstrap.css);

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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