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    I am building a wordpress theme with Masonry (Desandro) and Infinitescroll (Paul Irish). The Demo is : and how I have written the index file is

    The css part is
    #page-nav{ display:block; width:100%;}

    and the js part is

    Everything are working fine but what I see

    1. The .gif image of the infinitescroll is loading at the extreme topmost side which I want to make in center.

    2.The Paged 2 section i.e. all the old posts in the bottom section of the page, when loads first time those are overlapped. I have checked in Firefox’s Inspector and found "<div id="primary" class="content-area" style="position: relative; height: 3762.33px;" , an inline-line style is generating giving a height of 3762.33px which I haven’t coded anywhere, what I guess that the js code container.masonry( 'appended', $newElems, true ); is generating this inline style.

    But as soon as I refresh the page the overlapping issue moves off.

    I am unable to understand what is the actual flaw I am doing.

    Please help me to find out. Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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