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    Hello guys!

    Question: how this guy did this effect with the images???

    All the images go towards into screen when the mouse scroll is used.

    There are any jquery library to do it?



    One thing to always check is Developer Tools; {F12} and examine their source code.

    They are using

    Look at this example here:
    Note: the link is to an article years ago.


    Hello LIP_lostinprogramming!

    I always check using Dev Tools… Unfortunately, programing is not my strong part :/

    Thanks for the tip :D


    Yeah, sad thing is I too am new. My colleges did not teach me the things I needed to know. I still have a long way to go for me to know even the basics.

    It has taken me 3 weeks and still have not finished the page I am working on. But have learned a lot. My issue was not knowing how about responsive web design.

    JavaScript is definitely a weakness. However, I know enough to know what designers are using to build their code. Just not what exactly it is it does. I’m all over with my code and try things out with HTML and CSS until I need something else out.

    I’m sure people are going to mock me for many of the things I have done. then again, I have always been unique. The most complex thing I learned was yesterday when Chris posted about responsive tables.

    I tried using Bootstrap and it was ugly. After looking at the article he posted, I found out about the @media and came up with a lot better looking table. If creating a webpage was as easy as writing a 13 page paper; I’d be building a whole new site by now.

    Hey, the article I linked to is old; my question to follow up is: do we still need the moz or webkit in these codes?

    If you, or the veteran programmers have some additional notes, please post them.


    LIP_lostinprogramming I know one thing or two about responsive sites… If you need some help, let me know :)


    Hey, the article I linked to is old; my question to follow up is: do we still need the moz or webkit in these codes?

    For the latest browsers, only Safari still needs a webkit prefix here and there. All other major browsers listen to the default these days. When older support is needed, one can always check this site for particular properties :

    Edit – iOS and Android are apparently compatible now as well but I’d keep using the prefix for a while anyway…

    Strangely enough it looks like they’re not actually applying the mousewheel plugin (one of my favourites) anywhere in the script and are using the regular scroll event instead.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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