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    I’m using **ImageOptim** to batch compress images (jpg/png) for the web. The compression functionality seems to make the images noticeably smaller in file size, but I recently noticed after the compression is complete…the images appear much darker and more saturated. I’ve looked in the app settings hoping there could be a simple solution for the fix…unfortunately there wasn’t.

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue before? If so, is there a proper fix? Lastly…if there is a better method or app for batch compressing images…I’m all ears.


    Thank you

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    No doubt a colour profile issue…I had the same problem myself and went back to photoshop. Still not entirely clear but I often forget to change my proof colour profile in PS to web and tick “proof colours”. I am often surprised when I save for web I think I’m getting the wrong colours – however I’m not, the colours are right but the document I was working on to make them was rendering wrong. There are a few factors to consider – if somethings come in from a CMYK profile you will have better luck with sRGB. If you were on a RGB profile to start with then no colour conversion.

    Also PS has a batch re-sizer / compressor – File / Scripts / Image Processor. However ImageOptim was pretty cool and easy to use. I may have a look at it again with this issue in mind.

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