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    have an unordered list something like /*

    <ul class="dynamic">
    <li class="dynamic">"something1"
    <li class="dynamic">"something2"
    <li class="dynamic">"something3"
    <li class="dynamic">"something4"
    <li class="dynamic">"something5"
    <li class="dynamic">"something6"


    I have slitted the list in two column list using css Now I want to place an image separator between these two list columns

    !!!!!!Please Help Its Urgent !!!!!


    Perhaps you could show us the CSSin a Codepen or JSFiddle?

    By the way…your list items are missing closing tags.



    Guess it wasn’t that urgent then!

    Tom Houy

    You’re missing the closing LI tags in that example.

    Are you saying that you split the LI tags into two groups and wrapped them in separate UL tags and now want a vertical separator image between the two? If so, just float both unordered lists beside each other. Then on the second unordered list, add the separator image as a background. Set it to not repeat, and position it from the left and vertically as you like. Then add some extra padding to the left of the second unordered list approximately equal to the width of the image, or whatever looks best.

    If instead, you used CSS to somehow split up two of the LI items vertically, you could use a similar technique by applying a custom class to one of the LI’s, and assigning it a background image, set to no repeat, position it from the bottom and align it horizontally as you like.


    Besides LI there are number of other tags which don’t require closing tags for this to validate unless you use xhtml in your doc type. I think people doing it to shed some page weight but it’s a bad practice to leave it up to the browser to decide where the tags should end. Besides that, there are many other elements that do require closing tags and how are you going to memorize all that if the following tag does require previous element closing tag

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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