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    Hi there guys.

    I’ve been searching the net hard for some javascript code that allows me to automatically scroll images non-stop horizontally on a webpage. After a long time searching, I finally came across something that was close enough. I then customised it as much as possible to make it do exactly what I wanted it to do.

    This testing was done on a page without a DOCTYPE, so when I moved it over to a page that had a DOCTYPE, the javascript got messed up and refused to scroll. It just showed a single stationary image.

    I’ve uploaded both webpages to my MobileMe site so you guys can have a look.
    The page without a DOCTYPE:
    The page with a DOCTYPE:

    the javascript is also detailed below. I’ll be extremely thankful if someone can help me out with this. (esp. Apostrophe. He always seems to have an answer to all my questions)

    var pic = new Array()

    function banner(name, width, link){ = name
    this.width = width = link

    pic[0] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/cellarbynightsmall.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/cellarbynightsmall.jpg’)
    pic[1] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/insidecellarnewsmall.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/insidecellarnewsmall.jpg’)
    pic[2] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/mainshotwebsmall.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/mainshotwebsmall.jpg’)
    pic[3] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/MicroCelllar2tileopensmall.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/MicroCelllar2tileopensmall.jpg’)
    pic[4] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/openmicrosmall.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/openmicrosmall.jpg’)
    pic[5] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/topopenweb1small.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/topopenweb1small.jpg’)
    pic[6] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/topweb2small.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/topweb2small.jpg’)
    pic[7] = new banner(‘images/cellarpics/topwebclosed1small.jpg’,203,’images/cellarpics/topwebclosed1small.jpg’)
    pic[8] = new banner(‘’,102,’’)

    var speed = 10

    var kk = pic.length
    var ii
    var hhh
    var nnn
    var myInterval
    var myPause
    var mode = 0

    var imgArray = new Array(kk)
    var myLeft = new Array(kk)

    for (ii=0;ii‘)


    Wow, now I’m under pressure. :D

    Tbh it looks like you know far more about javascript than me. I ran firebugs javascript debugger and it gave the error $("a[rel^=’prettyPhoto’]").prettyPhoto is not a fuction. About the only thing I can suggest is to load the css before the javascript.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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