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    Am looking for the best way for image optimization.. i.e minimal size etc..

    There is smushit for Yslow but that, as far as I can tell only lets you to do images already online..

    What about images just on my computer? Before uploading them?


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    I personally love Fireworks for it, if you have a copy its really good for image op…

    File type wise, jpg is always very good – as you get a solid mix of quality and compression – gif can be good depending on the image – lots of colours with subtle changes (ie photo) I would avoid saving as a gif… PNG’s are also really good, especially for alpha transparency.

    If you want the best image compression, I would say jpeg is best though, set the quality to about 8 in photoshop – or 60-80 in fireworks can keep the compression un-noticeable and the size tiny.

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    If you are using png images pngcrush can help optimize images for web use. See this blog article:

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    Rasteredge can help you with [image optimization]( “image optimization”), image processing ,manipulation and converting and all kinds of others functions.

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    I use TinyPNG to compress images, the images can be from your computer but you do then have to upload them and then download them again, so it might not be exactly what you wanted.

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    I use this:

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    i use imageoptim for jpgs, and tinypng for pngs.

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    > I use this:


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