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    Hey there,

    Here is my website: click here

    I want the first image on my website to link to a page. Right now it does do that, but when you click at the top on the english flag to change the language of the website, and then click on the image it still links to the dutch page. I have no clue how to make it link to the english page after switching language.

    Here is my PHP code to make the boxes clickable:

    Thanks in advance,


    Just FYI, the flag links don’t change the language displayed on the home page either. Both the English and Netherlands flag both simply point at /home.

    On the /vacatures page, the English flag actually does link to a different page (/vacatures-2), though this page is also written in Dutch.

    I don’t know specifically how this “switch” between languages is implemented, but if the idea is to have separate pages for each language, then you’ll simply have to make sure that all “language one” links go to the “language one” pages, and likewise for language two.


    I know that I didn’t change the other pages, i COpied the dutch pages for the english pages, but my problem is about the homepage because i want that sorted first.

    they now link to home-4 and home.. both still in dutch cuz i cant seem to get the homepage to be in english


    they now link to home-4 and home

    Is this what you wanted?
    As I said, I don’t know specifically how you are trying to implement this.

    both still in dutch [because] i cant seem to get the homepage to be in english

    This has been pointed out in your other thread, but let me ask again: have you actually had these pages translated into English? The WP plugin you are using does not translate anything for you. Forgive me, but from the way you are asking your questions, I am not sure if you understand that.


    I know it doesn’t translate anything for me. I have messed around with PHP myself now and I decided to use pll_register_string to create a string of text and place it with pll_e on the website in the desired spot and will try it out that way.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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