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    I’d been planning on using this for my portfolio but now I’ve gotten round to actually building it I read the plugin isn’t working well with modern browsers. Can anyone recommend anything similar? I know David Walsh has a mootools version, anyone know if his still functions well?


    My website is a long and image heavy one, hence the lazy load. I’d like to implement some kind of filter so that when an option for ‘web projects’ is chosen it removes the projects that are print based. I understand the basics, applying class names to each project relevant to their type, then using that to perhaps ‘display: none’, but has anyone done anything similar? or know of something that serves the same purpose?

    In my head the best process is, click ‘print’ in the menu, jquery hides all projects, then shows ‘.print’ projects. Thoughts?



    Could you maybe use something like Isotope (It’s by the same author that made Masonry) it has filtering and infinite scroll built in… so. I guess what I’m saying is maybe instead of loading all of the page content and using lazy loading, try this model instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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