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    been 2 days trying to do it and its not working with me correctly. Please someone help me with this.
    i need to do image hover/rollover on 3 images on the same row, when mouse is over the image, the image changes to another one.
    i did the 6 images on photoshop and already uploaded to WordPress Media from my Dashboard. i need to let the images rollover when i move the mouse on top of it.
    i need the code to add in WordPress HTML tab, Please i need help.
    this is an example of something similar to what i need to do, Please check the 3 boxes on this page :
    Any help would be really.. really appreciated… thank you


    Eh, the three boxes on the fitness first page don’t do anything.

    I’d use sprites personally.

    Or, if the images have to be in the html, absolute positioning inside a div.


    Yes Karlpcrowley, i need to just change the image to other one when mouse over.
    Thanks karlpcrowley, i will check the link you added.
    yes Brightonmike, its just similar! i need to do 3 boxes like it but when mouse over the image it changes to other image. but i need the full code for this to put in WordPress HTML tab. im not a programmer, but im stuck with this now in a website im working on.Thanks


    So you just want somebody else to do it for you, for nothing?

    Not gonna happen. People will help you, give you ideas, give you clues, but nobody is just going to do it for you.

    Place the images inside div tags, give the div tag relative positioning, the img tags absolute. Have the second image move over the top of the second, by changing it’s positioning when someone hovers on the div. Use z-index to make the second image layer over the top of the first.

    As far as I’m gonna go, sorry.


    Ok thanks Brightonmike for the ideas & clues. will try from there..
    do it for nothing? somebody else just want so “not me!”
    your help is appreciated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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