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    Works fine on chrome – BUT open in Firefox (or IE) and the “What makes us stand out” icons – 4th icon “24/7 Booking” – does not display.

    The image in there in the code and the link is correct, but it just wont show.

    If I add any css to the img element e.g. width: auto and then remove it – the image re-appears…

    Is this a bug or is there something in my code that is incompatible with IE and Firefox?

    Please help – i’m stumped…


    This is just an idea:
    Have you noticed that the image appears after resizing the window? This may tell you that the image is not loaded yet. I have no idea how you put the images there but if it’s a dynamical thing you may check first if the images are loaded.


    The images are merely straight HTML in the WordPress CMS editor.

    They are in an unordered list – nothing special at all …


    It’s showing but not visible because the text is on top. Somehow the float is making the outer dimensions not being adhered to. I can only conclude it’s a bug related to the column. Have not found a solution, looked at it for quite a while.


    I have a feeling it may be related to ul – column-count: 2

    Can’t confirm but my gut says that the column is getting confused as to whether to display the image in column 1 or 2 and this is the result.

    Going to split the list into 2 lists and float left/right them

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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