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    i am bgineer website design.. so can you all answer me..

    1. is there background have more than one layer ?
    2. what is better when create layout?. CSS,
    3. HTML table, or PHP dir /footer &/header what is best concept?

    i really need to make website like…

    pleasee help meee…… !!!!

    provide me some link? tutorial, source code or anything..



    One thing I like to do when checking out a web site is seeing what images they used. In Firefox go to Tools > Page Info > Media. It doesn’t tell you how the page is laid out, but you can get a feel of how they might have done some things (good or bad).

    But, I think one solution for you would be to search the web for tutorials on how you like to design. For example, if you like to draw (mock up) the web site on paper, or in photoshop, or if you go straight to code… there isn’t a one tutorial that covers it all.

    Here is a tutorial Chris made on how to convert a photoshop mockup into code. It’s very interesting, and funny.


    This page is a bit like my portfolio site, but loads much faster. It’s tricky to work with lots of png images with transparency, since file sizes can be big, but they did a great job with it at noupe. When I was working on I used lots of different layered background images, and put it together like a collage, layering them on top of each other. Noupe’s site does a really good job though of making everything fit together, which definitely takes some skill, so I’d just study it closely, which I think is a great way to learn. Try out firebug and Web developers toolbar for info on the site you’re looking at.

    I like Mottie’s idea of using Page Info, but I normally right click and do “View Background Image” (it’s in the center of the menu in Firefox) checking this out helps a lot.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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