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    Well, a talent designer created a design for me. But it can’t be used as is, he understood that as well. So, I changed a few things, which must be changed and added some content for each page, and a few critical things that need his attention but he has not responded for 11 hours. And my site needs to be ready by tomorrow. I’m stuck!

    Here’s the dev site,

    I felt the top logo portion has too much height, so, he made a new design, which I like.

    And there are other critical issues like text in each page needs to be white like menu item so that they are more legible (probably CSS issue here).

    What do I do now? I simply can’t get hold of him.



    Damn. The buy buttons are atrocious.

    Are you paying the designer? Do you owe him money? Have you tried contacting another designer?

    By the way, it’s clear that the designer used a theme.


    I agree with @trak. Furthermore, ultimately what you are investing in is yourself. You need to stop thinking in terms of ‘how can I save money’. Instead you need to think about how the person you’re hiring to do these jobs will make you money. Do they have professional skills? Are they creative enough to make users want to buy the product without being deceptive?

    Grabbing a pre-made theme and slapping some content on it won’t achieve the above. Instead it’s just another boring website.


    If you have the necessary html, css, and JavaScript files I could make some changes that you will enjoy for free. example being stuff like

    adding some proper padding
    adding some nice inset borders
    working on the typography
    adding some easing
    fixing those clumped social media icons
    making some nice buttons
    and of-course fixing the features page because to me the text is all over the place
    and hard to follow (no offence)

    let me know I would love the opportunity.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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