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    (Please be gentle…..newbie but willing to put in the time and learn:-)

    Goal: to take a illustrator file and export it into photoshop at certain size.

    I am just beginning to work for a small company and the artist sends me mockups in Illustrator files at 1024 x 768 then I create CSS webpage.
    He likes to design to the very edge of the screen. I tried to explain to him that if you design right to the edge of 1024 x 768 art border in Illustrator then scrollbars will show up in browser (correct? – I think most people to say design to 760 x 580? a better starting point). I know Illustrator is resolution independent , but if I scale the work to 760 x 580 then everything is to small when I export to photoshop…..maybe I am doing something wrong?

    Am I correct that the artist (under my direction), design in a art board 760 x 580 to get 760 x580 photoshop at 72 px….sounds reasonable or is there a trick?

    I hope this makes sense to someone out there :-
    Just looking for best way to go from Illustrator to photoshop.
    Thank you in advanced…..I love CSS-Tricks web site….this is the best new resource I have run across….long live CSS-Tricks

    We all learn by sharing what we know,



    Thank you for taking the time to answer this question.

    I really like your idea of downloading screen shots from ( I think I will make a screen shot of two with toolbars added to the brower (seems to me that a lot of users that I know have one of two toolbars taking away about 50px – 75 px from the horizontal).

    To answer this question with a css-trick would be to learn how to create flexible layouts instead of fixed. I will learn how to do that too :D

    Thanks again!

    We all learn by sharing what we know


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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