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    As some of you might know from previous questions, I’m working on my portfolio; yes i know it’s taking a long time, I do have a full-time job and a gaming addiction to take care of… Anyway i’m newer to WordPress, i wanted to include a little exerpt about myself on the homepage so i used the iinclude page plugin worked well exept i’ve had troubles getting the read on link to work properly. Where is it that i edit the <?php the_content(”) ?> to change the text of that plugin? Or How?

    A look at the site is better then my ramblings:

    Edit: After reading through that i realize it was worded really badly, The question is when using the Improved include page plugin where is it that you change the text for the Read on >> link?
    Thanks in Advance,
    Jeremy Carlsten


    I’m not sure about that plugin… but you can change the read more text a few ways. The easiest of which is:

    the_content("Read more, mo fo!");

    read more here:


    I knew that wasn’t it, I ended up contacting the guy who wrote the plugin, it’s included in the php function like so

    <?php iinlude_page(about,’more=Read On…’,’displayStyle=DT_TEASER_MORE’)>


    I love this plug in. There are extensive notes in the comments of the plugin file on how to use the parameters.

        function iinclude_page ( int $post_id, [string params]) - include page with corresponding post_id
      displayTitle (boolean) - toggle title display
      titleBefore/after (string) - string to display before and after the title
      displayStyle (integer constant) - one of the following:
        DT_TEASER_MORE - Teaser with 'more' link (default)
        DT_TEASER_ONLY - Teaser only, without 'more' link
        DT_FULL_CONTENT - Full content including teaser
        DT_FULL_CONTENT_NOTEASER - Full content without teaser
      allowStatus (string) - comma separated list of allowed statuses (default = publish)
      allowType   (string) - comma separated list of allowed post types (default = page)
      more (string) - text to display for the 'more' link
      In order to avoid parse errors you should call the function in the followind way:
        if(function_exists('iinclude_page')) iinclude_page($post_id, [params]);
      NOTE: This plugin was modified by Jess Planck ( ) to use the "post_name" and to clear and reassign the $post array when used on pages that have a "Loop"
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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