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    // for example: thispage.php?word=abracadabra

    if ( $val = $_GET )
    echo "the word is: $val";

    echo "";


    That is the php im using to display certain text on a page, but my issue is, i want to display certain text if the variable =”something specific”

    example.. .com/thispage.php?word=hello so, if word = hello then echo “this text” if it does not =hello, then dont do nothin…

    i dont want someone to be able and type anything after the = sign and have something display, only of what it i that = is what i specify.. heh :) i think i think that makes sense

    any help preeease?


    You could even cut out the middle man and not use the $val if it’s not needed. Also, since you don’t want to do anything if it doesn’t equal hello, you won’t need the ‘else’ statement either.

    if ($_GET == 'Hello') {
    echo "this text";
    // other code for people who know the secret word is "Hello"

    You could also do:

    echo isset($_GET) && $_GET == 'Hello' ? 'Enter Text You want to Echo' : '' ;

    by using isset you are ensuring that the $_GET actually exists and is not null:



    Shouldn’t it rather be:

    isset($_GET) && $_GET == 'Hello' ? echo 'Enter Text You want to Echo'; ?>

    That way it only performs the echo if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, there’s no need to echo anything and doesn’t slow the page.


    It works the same way in mine, even with the echo in front, it is saying to only echo “Enter Text You want to Echo” if $_GET isset and it equals Hello, else don’t echo anything. It’s the PHP Ternary Operator.



    He means like this that when you want to use $_GET you should use it like this htmlspecialchars($_GET)

    This prevents the user from manually typing in code in the url which could break your code and/or be a security risk (although I don’t know all that much about php security best practices)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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