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    A long time reader of Chris’ CSS Tricks but new to the forum….

    I am having a hair-pulling issue with a site I am creating.


    The front page works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera but not in IE9.

    If anyone has time and the inclination to take a look at it for me, perhaps you can see what I have done wrong?

    You can see the problem as soon as you open it in IE9 – the grid of images/links are all missing. If you take a look at the page source though, they are there.

    It is probably something really stupid on my part, but for the life of me I cannot see what.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer…


    The first thing I check is whether the site validates. W3C’s HTML validator reveals a typo in line 24:

    the word “javascript” is misspelled as “javasript”

    Don’t know if that’s causing your IE issues or not, but it’s probably something you want to fix anyway.


    Hi Snillor,

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. Adjusted.

    Unfortunately, this does not seem to have been the cause of the problem though.

    I am thinking it must be something to do with a ‘display: hidden’ somewhere but as to where exactly?


    That is applying this style to IE9:

    #main { margin-top: -191px; }

    Perhaps that’s the problem?

    Side note:

    Remove the rel attribute.
    Side side note: You're loading up the HTML5 shim and modernizr - Modernizr comes with an HTML5 shim.



    Thanks for pointing out the Modernize error and again for the note on using ‘rel’. Adjusted.

    I thought ‘#main { margin-top: -191px; }’ might have had something to do with it too, but it seems not.

    Am I right in thinking that if the actual content is there in the source code, but not visible via the browser, then it must be ‘hidden’ via CSS?


    What exactly isn’t working in IE9? It looks pretty much identical to Firefox to me.



    Here are two screenshots of what I see:

    1. Chrome – looks as it should

    2. IE9 [64 bit} – not displaying correctly.


    Yes, I noticed this too, but when I remove the ‘not needed’ comment tag, the site goes all askew in other browsers.

    Same thing happens if I remove the IE specific block of code completely.

    I am not sure why that happens though, when it should only apply to IE. And in IE nothing changes when removed. Go figure!


    @Senff This is correct:

    Weird, unfortunately I don’t have a 64bit version of Windows7 – So I can’t replicate the problem. The good news is that it works correctly on the 32bit version. More good news is IE9 has a web-inspector. Press F12 and debug it yourself – It shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve used firebug before.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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