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    Working on
    Everything renders the site okay. IE8 and lower show my buttons as squares, which is okay. Safari and Chrome show the webpage how I want it to be viewed. IE9, however, likes to take my gradients and not keep them in the buttons.

    I have the css sheet http:www/ that will fix this spillover, but it screws up IE 8 and lower and Android. So, I’d like to direct IE9 to ei9.css. Problem is, when I insert the condition statement, IE9 seems to totally ignore it. I was using something like

    What am I doing wrong?????


    I don’t see any <!–[if IE9 ]> – I’m guessing you’ve removed it. Also, try removing the space between ‘IE9’ and ‘]’ – That may be causing problems.


    Okay, I reinserted it for your viewing. I also removed the space. When I hit f12 on IE9, all I see is a reference to the non ie9 css. So, it seems not to be directing well. I put the conditional ie9 command after and then before the main css reference with no change. I think something is amiss with the way I’m directing it.

    Here is the complete header:

    Environmental Chambers | Stability Chambers | Laboratory Incubators

    Any help would be well appreciated. I’ve been working on this issue for about 8 hours so far. IE9 is great (sarc.)!


    It’s probably because of the <style> tags inside of the css file. Remove ALL of them (I see two, an opening and closing near the end).


    Okay, I did all that. Still IE9 not pulling it up. Oddly, if I switch css sheets in the code of the main site, IE will read the ie9.css well. But if I try to direct the others with a !IE9 conditional, the others may or may not follow that conditional. My Android phone seems to cause me the biggest issue there.

    Alternatively, if you know of a way to keep IE9 to correctly display a gradient without spilling over a border (without screwing up the other browsers) I’d like to hear about it. My technique was to replace the gradient with an image. For some reason, IE9 won’t spill over an image, but does with a gradient.

    Thanks all!


    not sure if this helps, but here’s what i found out from research and my own difficult experience. IE9 supports radius and gradients, but not together. If you use them together it will display the gradient, but not the radius. I used an image for IE9. :( Hope that helps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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