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    Hi all, I am working on a redesign for a site. Looking at my analytics I have about 15% users with Windows xp and IE8, still a lot of people… So i have a look at the site with IE8 and I am getting some major layout problems. I don’t know how to trouble shoot it.

    The site is

    The Logo and the language selection flags on the homepage are displayed how i like, but on every other page the logo and flags are disapearing, sometimes they show up for a moment and then they are gone….

    The H1 headers on the homepage are ok on the other pages they are moved to the right…

    when I switch on the compatibility mode of IE8 the images are shown but the navigation menu is broken.

    Can anybody help me out of here ?

    Regards from Italy



    I just tried it in IE8, and the logo + flags are appearing properly for me. I’m also not seeing any issues with the H1 titles.

    EDIT: tried it again in IEtester (and not IE9 in IE8 mode) and now I do see the issues. I think you don’t make proper use of HTML5 — for example, for the main logo you have a HEADER tag within an A tag. Not sure if IE8 chokes on that, but it could be an issue.

    As for the headers — you place

    within an A-tag, I would do it the other way around: place the A within the



    sorry… i dont see your edit… I try to change this, thank you for your time.


    Ok, i figured out how to solve it, i do absolute positioning of the div containers, they have been pushed down behind the navigation bar… Hell… so many hours lost…

    Thanks again…


    Why use absolute positioning? Like I said, avoid some of those HTML5 tags and see if that works.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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