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    Hi there. A buddy and I made some light scaffolding for a web page we made and posted it up. Looks good in most browsers, but there’s something in IE8 which makes a styled unordered-list-menu appear above where it should be and in an odd order.


    IE 8

    Anyone familiar with what causes this?

    (Will post code as soon as I get my hands on the updated CSS/HTML)


    well it is a code issue, but there is no way to tell you how to fix it without the code. A link to the site would be better. firebug would be very useful for fixing this kind of issue


    Hi, Cybershot! And thanks for the reply. The site is now up at

    Because I’m a forum newb I feel like I should ask what the etiquette is for posting code? Would I just post it straight into the forum? Or is there another way that’s considered better?

    Again, thank you so much. :-)


    provide as much information as possible. A link is always best because that allows people to use great tools like firebug and it means that I don’t have to spend time putting your code together to debug the page. Chris wrote an article for forum posts, check it out



    OK, first, you have several errors in your code. In many places you have id="title" When you are using an id in the same page more than once, it needs to be class="title" . Id should only be used if you are only using that id once in a page. One of the best things you can do to fix your code is to run it through the validator

    click on the validate by direct input button and then copy and paste your code in. You also had a bunch of unclosed tags in your code. Here is the fixed code. I did not fix all the errors, run this code through the validator and it will tell you what to fix. But I do believe it will work now in I.E 6 and 7. What I did was add a


    I put that on line 16 and it fixed the problem.


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