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    I have a problem with the superfish menu in navbar mode and ie6.

    The first submenu items are in a full width row. If there are lots of subitems i get two rows. If an item in the first row has a submenu it opens as dropdown (200px width) right below the item.

    This works good in all browser except in ie6. Here I have the problem that the li submenu navbar item in the second row appears always above the dropdown if it opens from an item in the first row.

    Thats because the li items in the navbar are positition relative and the ul of the dropdown is absolute, so the li pos.:rel. is always above ul pos. absol. no matter what z-indexes are given.

    Do you know this issue and any workarounds?

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    I don’t even bother to fix IE6 errors anymore. The last site I launched, which happened to look OK in IE6 anyway, hasn’t even had a single hit from an IE6 browser in the first month.

    IE6 is dead and the more we stop working around it, the faster it is dying.

    # July 9, 2009 at 2:37 am

    Yes I think it´s not impotant to have every pixel right or transparence effects in ie6 but I think you should reach each menu item.

    Anyway it seems that it also happens in ie7

    take a look at
    hover over Mainmenu item01 submenu item 01
    works in all browser except ie

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