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    Here is my URL

    You’ll notice on this page that upon hover that my background image doesn’t change nor does the cursor indicate that it is indeed a link – doesn’t change to a hand. Also my CSS is set to where all other links other than the current one are to be black background w/ white lettering

    Lastly – getting some strange gaps above and below this little jquery feature going

    Any help is greatly appreciated


    If anybody has an opportunity to check out the following link it would be GREATLY appreciated

    My issues are detailed in my first posting.

    This site will hopefully launch next week but not w/o a fix for these two issues – well at least the ‘gap’ issues that exist.

    Yeah…I know no fun dealing with IE6 issues. I’ve tried all I know to do.

    Thanks crew!


    Thanks Doc. The whole color deal is what ‘the man’ wants. It’s young kids who are the prime market and funky colors, etc have proven to be right on target with this audience. Definitely not my personal preference but again designing for the right market.

    I’ll check out your suggestion on the nav portion

    Have no clue about why that header image gets stuck down below the div right below. I do have height and width set – nothing real complicated there.

    Any ideas about the gaps above and below that slider portion?

    Thanks again


    If for any reason you are following this post and curious as to some fixes for my issues here’s the rundown

    1 – In FF 2 & 3 – for some reason #header was found sliding down underneath the div below it
    FIX: display: block inserted into #header – still not sure how that happened since only thing in that div was just an image. Not sure how it was previously viewed as an inline element

    2 – unit png fix script not jiving with background tab images – apparently background position not supported by this script and it renders the links unclickable
    FIX – changed png’s to gif’s

    3 – the gap below the hor. scroller was due to IE6 not allowing an element #topContainer to be smaller than the current text size line height
    FIX – set small font size in that div, ie., font-size: 1px


    that’s good to know – thx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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