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    Hi CSS-Tricks community,

    I’m just curious about you guys’ opinions on this topic.

    Lately I have experienced that IE11 outperforms Chrome in many ways. Sometimes it’s renderingcorrectness (pixel rounding, CSS transformations, other CSS3 properties). Other times I notice much higher speeds in performance (notably, WebGL demos, PIXI JS rendering).

    What have you guys experienced? And does anyone have a clue what the reason could be? I know IE11 is getting a lot of attention in MS, I’ve seen the AMA on Reddit but still, Chrome can’t be falling behind without a good reason right?

    • Rick

    I haven’t done much comparison testing between various browsers myself, but I do know that IE11 is not nearly as bad as previous versions, and definitely not as bad as the public opinion makes out to be.

    (It’s probably also not the best browser in the world.)

    If you’re looking for specific reasons…The days of “IE is worse than any other browser in every single way” are behind us, so yeah, I’d say IE11 is probably better than other browsers in some ways, and worse in other ways. There’s no reasoning needed, IMO. That’s just how things work — a browser (like Chrome, or Firefox, or whatever) simply can’t be the best in every single field.

    But again, that’s just theoretical stuff, I can’t say I specifically experienced anything like this myself.


    I think the IE team has done some great stuff for 11.

    There’s going to be (supposedly) two versions of IE in W10. One that has legacy stuff in it, an evolution of IE11 (possibly) called IE12. And one that removes all the legacy stuff which we don’t know what it will be called yet… Hopefully the newer browser won’t even activate unless someone asks for compatibility mode.

    I think it’s great that MS is open sourcing stuff and catching up to the world. I don’t want to be on an internet where ANYONE has >50% market share… that causes problems no matter who’s in charge.

    So bring it on I say! It doesn’t change the fact that I heavily test in every damn browser, it’s part of the gig.


    Thank you both for the reactions :)


    I’m curious about the new work that will (likely) show in W10. Lets see if they manage to improve even more.

    And ofcourse, I’m also very happy that we don’t have a big browser that’s not W3C compliant and causes many headaches.


    I guess objectively measuring a browser should be possible. Javascript speed, CSS-compliance, page load times, etc. Only if someone with the qualifications would spend time comparing… Or perhaps that’s a waste of time. Let’s just enjoy that we have such awesome JS/CSS/HTML eating beasts and create awesome work for them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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