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    Dear Forum Members –

    I am not a programmer by background and I have learnt litlle bit by tweaking and experimenting here and there..

    I am building a website {} using a wordpress theme – the site is showing nicely in all browsers except IE (I have a problem with IE 6 don t know if the same problem exists with other versions) . I read about the step down problem in one of the posts but dont know how to fix it.

    Please help me out – I have lost my patience badly with this. I tried contacting the owner of the theme but did not get any response. The theme also has a a blank ie.css file which can be modified but I have no clue how to go about it.

    Here’s the global CSS file :

    Please take me out of this …



    The “stepdown” problem is a common bug for IE6. Here’s the general fix for it:

    navid_or_class li {
    display: inline;

    Add that to your ie.css file.

    Then find this somewhere in your theme (maybe header.php):


    And change the “if IE” to “if IE 6”.


    Add a CSS reset. Then make the fixes in your CSS to make it look normal again, and then it should look about same in every brauser :)


    what you should really do is display a message if people view your site using ie6 telling them to upgrade and a link to do it – IE6 is decreasing in usage everyday – i wouldnt even worry about fixing the problem, it only encourages people to continue using it – at my work we no longer do that



    It is still important for a lot of people to support IE6. That doesn’t mean pixel perfection, it means functionality. If I make an online store for a client and don’t support IE6, they could be losing out on 15% of their possible sales. This makes them lose money and makes me less credible.


    I agree with TheDoc and zackw – in that it depends on the site whether or not to support IE6. eCommerce site? Definitely. Site for some bar (as is the case) that still shows up fine but isn’t visually perfect – screw the IE6 guys. They’ll still get the info they need, it just won’t be as pretty – which is probably something they are used to if they’re routine IE6 users!


    OK well ya if your not down for the movement haha, then a good fix is like thedoc said to put inline on the li or, your probably floating the anchor link, if you instead just float the li’s it will fix itself too

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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