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    My jquery works great in all browsers except, yep, IE. I have a stack of note cards. clicking on one pulls it out of the stack click it again and the notecard goes back. If one is open and you select on that is closed it sends the open one to the stack and opens the selected on. However the very top card will not move. The toggle functions work, it just doesn’t move. They act find in Chrome and Firefox but IE will not let the top (campus news) move. Any ideas guys?

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    I would say don’t use margin-left to change the position of the box. You want to use "left:450px"

    Set your news sports and announcements to position:relative; first. See if that helps.

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    awesome that made it slide out, i knew it was something small. However now it wont slide back. it’s done the same way as the other cards.

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    Well basically I would make sure you change everything from margin-left to left – if its trying to slide back with margin it aint gonna work lol :D

    If I were you – I would give your display container a position of relative, then set the slidey things to an absolute position, then set them say 40px from top so they sit on top of each other, then remove all even margin for positioning. You will have to set your content to say height:400px and remove the margin from the notices part. Then using the same thing you set inplace above – sliding them out using left

    but anyway – let us know how you get on

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    turns out setting it to left did work. IE was being fussy about the caching when i reloaded the page. Thanks for the help. It’s always the little things that get ya. you know?

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