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    Regards everyone.

    Earlier I posted about a remote navigation display issue I was experiencing in IE6. (my sprites were showing 1 1/2 images rather than simply 1 static or 1 rollover at a time.) I isolated the issue & have (knock on wood) resolved the display issue, apart from a small issue with text display.

    Here is what I did:
    I found that "overflow: hidden" seemed to resolve the issue in IE6, while in other browsers, this would display the image matrix OK & hide the text links next to the sprite images. So, I opted for an IE6 specific hack of "_overflow:hidden". This hack functions only in IE6, ignoring all other browsers.

    The hack resolved my remote navigation matrix function, but it still leaves me with a slight display issue on the text mouseover.

    I’ve created all links to have a bold rollover, no underline. In the remote navigation area, the text will bold as the image rollsover. My issue in IE6 is that, upon rollover, my remote navigation text loses part of or all of the final letter on links with longer names. This seems to be an issue with the width of the text link… but I can’t figure it out.

    Although the issue may be resolved by not employing a bold text rollover… I want to keep the bold on rollover.

    Having resolved my other issue, I’m hoping someone here may have a suggestion for resolving this issue.

    My test site is:

    Anxiously awaiting the guru’s answer.

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    I’ve been reduced to decreasing the overall text size of the document to 12.

    This resolves the text display issue in the aforementioned navigation area.


    # September 11, 2009 at 4:45 pm

    Just a little side note, you should really be trying to use ems to size your text instead of px.

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