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    Hello all.
    So im trying to redesign a homepage for a local music association. Im doing a custom wordpress theme…jada jada…my english is so bad so i will just get to the point.
    The layot seems fine exept for IE8 (and down i guess) I dont have IE9 here @ work but a friend told me it looks fine in IE9 also. Can anyone plz tell me why it doesent work in IE8. works in IE8 when i just have it as a static site local…it’s when i try to convert it to a wordpress theme it gets brokend.


    Kul med en svensk sida! Kör du med något separat stylesheet för IE?

    Mod translation: Do you have a separate stylesheet for IE?


    Tjena :) Nej inget separat stylesheet för IE

    Mod Translation: No, there is not separate stylesheet for IE


    Om du vet vad conditional comments är för något, använd det. Annars kan du läsa mer här:
    I den nya stilmallen skriver du in all den kod som löser problem. Den här CSS:n kommer sen bara tolkas av de versioner av IE som du väljer att sikta på.

    Hoppas det löser ditt problem.

    Mod Translation:
    If you know what conditional comments are then you should use them. Otherwise, you can read more here:

    In the new stylesheet, enter all the code that solves problems. This CSS will then only be interpreted by the versions of IE which you choose to target

    Hope this solves your problem.


    Sorry about that, english only from now on! :-)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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