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    Hi folks. I’m recently learning how to build a decent webpage. A few monts ago my sister started selling toys, furniture and some other stuff for babies. She ask me to build a website as a showroom of her products.
    With patience, a lot of reading, and the FABULOUS Chris’s webcasts, I build this site.
    Of course, I wasn’t happy with the results. More reading, more webcasts, and the "new" version is almost ready:

    My evolution in the field has been awesome. :D

    But, the site works like a charm in FFox, but in IE it do some weird things.
    I’m preety sure it has to do with the div#bottom, wich I can’t place correctly without using margin-top.
    Ffox measure the margin from the content area.
    IE take the margin from the last element in the content area.
    It’s preety hard to explain what’s happening. Besides that, I’m from Argentina, and my english sucks.
    So, I would really preciate if you can’t take a look at the site, and the code, and pehaps give me some help.

    Ahh, besides the height problem, I put a slidedown menu using jquery with some tutorial I¡ve found out there.
    IE launchs some serious warning alerts when I open my page (some stuff about dangerous ActiveX content).
    And Into the site, when I use more than one UL (altough they have differents id) the slidown effect stop working.

    Well, I hope you can give it a look.
    Thank you guys.

    See you around.


    yes, that’s my first css line :D
    I think the problem has something to do with the .clear div

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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