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    I have a float problem between columns on this page:

    (I’ve outlined the div’s so that the problem is more evident.) If content in the right sash is longer than the 2 center column divs, then all the right sash content gets pushed down on the page. I can’t remember exactly how to deal with this. Thanks for the help.

    Firefox handles this OK, but IE 9 (and presumably any older version), trips up.


    you have a lot of unnecessary things going on there, but to solve your problem:

    middle column under the div of id divider you have an image of transparent gif (why?) that is too wide for the column and pushes things below that of the right.


    Thanks wolfcry911 – Reducing the image width didn’t really help, but removing that div entirely and adding a “clear:left” style to the paragraph makes IE much more happy:

    For additional information…

    The form was created at another time and place, and so importing it into the middle column does make for a bit of a mess. However, if you have suggestions for things that could be eliminated, fire away.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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