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    Steven Gardner

    I have this weird problem of having the first line of the first element inside my list elements indented. Has anyone come up against this in IE8, 7 & 6.

    theres nothing standing out in the css and it works fine in all modern browsers.

    Here’s one block of code its effecting.


    By itself, there is nothing wrong with that code, and it displays fine in IE:

    We’ll need to see it within its context to have a better idea what could be wrong.

    Steven Gardner

    I would love to give you the url but its an internal dev environment.

    I’m trying to debug this the best I can but I’m struggling and just wondered if anyone has come up against something similar.


    You might find that it’s actually another element that is causing the problem. So without the full context of the code it’s hard to advise on what the problem might be.

    Steven Gardner

    This is definitely a floating issue. I have removed all styles and added them back one after the other and the issues arise once I introduce floats to the elements decedents of the LI.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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