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    The Website Link

    The Problem
    The about me picture is floated to the right.. and the text is suppose to wrap around the image.. correct? not in IE7. Looks fine in Safari, FF, and IE8, but in IE7 it pushes my paragraph down below the Image… I can’t figure this one out for the life of me…

    The Solution
    I hate it when i over look something 10,000 times.. I had a width set on the <p> to 100% that was cause it to be pushed down below the image so it could be 100% width in IE7. I don’t know why i do these stupid things sometimes.. anyway all is good now.. post the Solution so if anyone else does something stupid like me.. :x

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    I fiddled around and couldn’t see anything wrong right away.

    You’ll need to strip down the class you have in there and just add a class to the div with float:right. Nothing else. If it doesn’t float, something is wrong elsewhere in the code.

    [edit]And now, nevermind! haha[/edit]

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