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    Hi so this is my first time running into the z-index bug for IE 6 & 7…and can I also add that I’m really starting to dislike Internet Explorer!
    I’ve researched and understand that it may be fixed using a jquery script, I’m a bit confused on where it will be inserted exactly. Do I develop a .js file? Need some assistance!


    What is the exact issue your having as if i had to take a guess i would say you have an element that is hidden behind another element and won’t come forward?


    As @SgtLegend pointed out, the most common z-index issue in IE is due to how it handles stacking order. By spec, a higher z-index should always appear on top, but with IE, a higher z-index may be under a lower z-index if one of its ancestor elements has a lower z-index. In other words, in IE, the z-index is relative to the parent, and child elements can never appear over an element that is above their parent.

    You may need to reconsider the HTML structure of the page.


    There is a known IE bug that can be fixed by setting a 1000 difference in the z-index levels, i recently learned about this and it’s simply a bug in the way IE handles the DOM stack order causing an element with a lower z-index to have a greater order when it should be the other way around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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