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    Hey Folks,
    I have a problem with a site I am currently working on and could use some advice.

    The site works well in FF, Safari, IE7. In IE6 the content in the middle of the page disappears.
    I have done a fair amount of reading on the topic and have heard that the problem could be casued by a bug in IE^ that requires positioning to fix R possibly an IE conditional statement..
    I found when I removed the height:100%; form the 2 floating columns that the background of the page showsup. Still cant get text content and images to showup.
    I have played with adding positioning to these elements as well as thier parent containers.

    Cant seem to get this to work. Any Ideas?

    # May 15, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Just had a look in IENetrenderer and all the content (including the weird <$ $> tags>) shows in ie6. Your layout is all over the place in all the browsers that I have. You need to specify a width for the rightcolumn and should there be an image behind the maincontent or not? You specify a path in the css but no image.

    #maincontent {
    background:#EDEDED url(../images/layout/) no-repeat scroll 0 0;
    # May 15, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Aprostraphe!
    Thanks for the help. I knew it had to be something I missed or deleted in order to figure this out.
    I had been heavenly editing the pages for a day or so. The <$ $> tags are used in the content management system to assign editable areas of the page.
    I think you were totally correct I had a few floating items without specified widths. That seems to have fixed the problem.
    Thanks again,

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