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    I’m a Web Design and developer student, and I wonder with so many issues on IE 6 and 7, (just to start) has anyone came out with a book or a guide to deal with all these issues?. Seems like most designers spent a good deal of time researching solutions on the web to deal with this issues.
    Any ideas where to find a concise guide or a site that helps designer’s deal with IE’s issues all in one place?



    Right here!! Search on the Archives of this site, for IE bugs you will get EVERY single time. There are workarounds, far from perfect but they work.


    lol we have similar minds, you were hoping for a book and i was hoping for a program that would simply run through my code and when it came up with a command that was known to have a problem in IE would simply input the code needed for me, unfortunately i do not think either is going to happen, although this forum is definitely the first place i check whenever i run into a problem of any kind, lots of smart, experienced and helpful people on here, not to mention I love the video tutorials when ever Chris puts them up.


    Thanks, I figure with so many IE issues someone would at least try to profit from that and make a guide, seems like IE has so many issues that it could be enough material to write a book. Thanks for the input.


    The problem is that so often it’s on a case by case basis.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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