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    Morning all…

    I have recently designed a website for a company, but seem to be having an issue or two with other browsers… my last post was an issue with IE but now the problem is with Firefox, IE works 100%.

    I have 2 issues:

    1) The navigation in Firefox is not positioned correctly and the rollovers don’t work, but all is well in IE 6.0

    2) The content frames.. the .body seems to be overlapping the frame in Firefox but 100% in IE

    Maybe i have missed something small, any suggestions? ignore the fact that the protective page doesnt open, it is on a "test" free hosting environment, and i think they are screwing around with something.. it will be hosted elsewhere once ready :)

    Thanks all

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    The :hover CSS for the menu seems to be empty, you’ll need to have that :hover class to the switching of the background position to get those rollovers working.

    It looks like you have static height sets on a lot of page elements. I would definitely remove all of those so they (and their parent elements) can expand as need be. This isn’t just important so that text can be resized and the design can grow, but also because different browsers render text slightly differently and that can affect heights as well. General rule, don’t set height on anything that isn’t an image.

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