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I want to display jQuery sortable order from a cookie

  • # August 9, 2012 at 8:19 am


    I have a jQuery sortable area where a user can move widgets to different positions in a grid style layout.
    I have managed to save the sort order to a cookie once the user is finished moving stuff around.

    I now want to set the display order to reflect the order in the cookie.

    All ideas would be much appreciated.

    	//Create MYAREA sortable widgets
    $( "#myarea" ).sortable({
    start: function( event, ui ) {
    // SET Cookie to save sortable order
    update:function(event, ui) {
    var order = $( "#myarea" ).sortable("toArray").join();
    stop: function( event, ui ) {
    $( "#myarea" ).disableSelection();

    So I have a cookie called MYAREAORDER with its value “#id1,#id2,#id3#id4…”

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