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    Hi everyone…

    I changed my theme to “gold” recently but my carousel, which is like the middle row of the theme isn’t displaying properly anymore. I know i did something i am not sure exactly what i messed up though. The carousel now shows 2 rows instead of 1 and isn’t and additionally there should be 7 music images in that little center carousel area but there is 6 on display… it looks like 7 spaces are being taken up but 1 of the images is completely missing. here is the page

    Any ideas?

    thanks so much for ur time


    Did you already resolve this? I’m not seeing what you mean. I see the carousel, but for me it appears as one row (though there are still only six images, and you can’t browse through it). It sounds more like a JS problem than a CSS problem.


    Hi chaseries !

    oh wow, I use google chrome primary, i just switched to IE and you are right, it does show 1 row but the carousel is allowing me to scroll. I appreciate you saying this. I am looking figuring out what’s going on with google chrome as well.

    I haven’t fixed the problem just yet. should I head over to the Java part of this forum and repost the question?

    thanks so much for your time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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