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    Ok guys and gals I need some help!

    I am in my thesis year of architecture school and getting my MBA at the same time. My thesis is over combining Web Design with Architecture to create a new framework for the digital and physical environments that we inhabit. I need resources and books that will help me get down and dirty with understanding all of the underlying structure to CSS, HTML, and PHP.

    Also, any recommendations you have over over structuring languages of the web would be great too! Any ideas or help would be amazing and I hope to have some great discussions along the way.



    I guess you can make a connection like this… PHP (or a server-side language) would be like a construction crew, HTML (the architecture) would be the wood, steel, nails, plumbing, electric etc.. and css (the style) would be the siding, the color of the house, the landscaping, etc.

    Books on how they work together as sources.. that’s what you’re asking.. hmm…. Also you probably want to look at the history of html and also browser history. Because the browser is your ‘environment’ that you’re working with…

    Look up books on the history of the internet in general, and how browsers work with html.. that’s where i;d start..

    Here’s a link to some Internet History Books

    Internet systems have transformed so much from their inception, that i think you should go back to the very beginning… and learn how the first hyper text mark up language was written, how look up lynx too. that was the first browser.


    Going back to the beginning is a good point. I am looking for books that are over things like standard web elements or experiments being down with the standards we have now not necessarily both put together (it doesn’t exist yet really :) )

    I look at PHP being the Datum and hidden language of the structure (this part is not visible and is only known to the people behind the scenes basically), the CSS is of course all of the pretty things you put on it and the HTML is the actual structure that allows the CSS to be applied. Its actually a pretty spot on comparison.

    Books at understand the past and future of web design language?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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