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    Hi there I was hoping someone could help this novice out. I created a footer on the below blog some time ago. I had to get help and well I have lost the site I got the help from. I love the clean lines and everything. In my layout section on this blog it is below attribution and I think I created a new footer (seperate from the standard blogger footer).

    [Your text to link here…]( “Travelling Footprints”)

    Here is what it looks like in layout (it goes down further but I could not screen shot the whole thing): [Your text to link here…]( “layout of footer section”)

    The standard blogger footer looks awful on my most used blog

    [Your text to link here…]( “Kelly Martin Speaks”)

    I don’t know CSS and HTML I literally have to ask for help because whenever I look at it, it stresses me out and I feel like I am trying to learn Japanese.

    Hope someone can help me and if you have any idea why my font on my posts in Kelly Martin Speaks is different to my template designer and preview and edit section I would happily high five you twice!

    Many thanks


    To make custom changes to the template in blogger now you first have to download it (Template–>Backup/Restore).

    Always keep this ‘original’ version until you are completely happy and work from a second copy.

    Once you have made the changes you want, you ‘Restore’ the working copy back to Blogger. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to preview the changes (hence keeping the original backup copy).

    I would say that in your first link you have a number of divs with the same ID of `lower-bar-wrapper` which is a no-no.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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