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    I hate IE, and I especially hate IE 6.


    Thank you.

    If you agree, feel free to sign this for fun.

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    Amen brudda!


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    I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiments of this posting BUT
    take a look at my posting in Other Discussions under ‘The IE6 Factor".

    We are not designing web sites for us, but for users. If users use whatever
    browser to look at our sites, then that is their perogative, I suppose we can
    rant and rave all we like about IE and IE6 but the fact remains that IE6 as a
    browser is used to access the sites I maintain and ain’t going away any time soon,
    usage was over 20% in December. Sure I can put a message on the site saying
    "don’t be stupid, use a more up to date browser" but as a user, if you do that
    to me without considering why I am using the browser I am, then you will lose
    me as a viewer. If you have a specialty site like, then yes,
    I suppose you can do this and get away with it, but a site like cannot.
    It really all depends on who your audience is, doesn’t it?


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    No, that’s fine, and all my sites look fine in IE6 in the end. Just some of them take hours of trial to get there and its frustrating. I love designing, I hate IE6. My checking for web browsers goes in this order…

    1. FF.. once everything looks good here, I hold my breath and go to…

    2. IE.. Then I continue to..

    3. Safari, and then

    4. Opera, and then I say a little prayer, and open up IE Tester and try out…

    5. Internet Crapper 6.

    Yes, I agree with you, if you monitor your site, which we all should, and you find there are many IE6 users, you need to invest the time. However, personally I feel if it’s something small like 3-5%… Maybe they’ll look at it and think… Wow, this doesnt look right, IT MUST BE MY COMPUTER, and go out, buy a new computer with a higher version browser on it, and then it works. I actually believe a good percentage of the "average internet surfer" would actually go buy a new computer before they even thought of or knew about a browser update.

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