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    Hi, so sadly this is the first time i experience something like this. Let me give background info first.

    • I have a hosting company. I have 1 primary domain and 3 add-on domains. So I only pay one normal yearly fee (add-on domains are no charge).
    • I have my first client.

    • I am in the process of building his website.

    • I find out (to late though) that a plugin I had, that I was not even using as it was just deactivated ( but I should have deleted it ), was vulnerable to hacking and an update had been released ( which I never received). So the hacker was able to hack into the website I was building for the client. Then because it is all under one hosting ( clients website was an add-on domain) All websites were hacked.

    • The hacker left a crap load of files that even the hosting company could not help me remove so the hack was constantly regenerated.

    — I dont really care about the hack because I have ALL websites periodically backed up so I lost no information and lost no work. Thank god !

    —- So to fix this hack, my hosting company suggested I find someone qualified to fix it. In a rush ( I was nervous as this was the first time this happened to me) I called 3 companys and picked the first to return my call.

    • The guy I picked is fixing my website and add-ons through my hosting company login etc. So his fee was $300, which was fine for the amount of work. I get the websites and hosting clean in a couple of days.

    • The only thing I regret though was that I found another company a couple of days after I paid this guy who for the same $300 fee would would guarantee me for a year. this company I found that I am talking about is So I figure worst case scenerio, god forbid this happens again I try this new company for the same fee but with a year coverage.

    • Now here is the question. So The guy fixing my website brought a valid point up. That after everything is clean, I should charge my client for a hosting package so I can seperate his website from my own. So if a hack where to happen it would be isolated to his or my websites but not both. This sounds fine as i am sure my client would not mind paying around $150 a year for his own hosting. But then I was thinking if it would be better to just keep his domain as an add-on domain and get the $300 a year plan from, if any hack were to happen again. Because I was thinking regardless I would have to get these people if it were to happen again. So I was thinking to keep his domain as an add-on and just go about business as usual and if for some crazy 1 in a million reason a hack happens again I get pay the people from the link and I am covered for a year and my client saves the $150 from hosting ( but obviously pays a percent for the hack coverage )?

    • Advice ?


    Oh and I only plan to have around 2 – 3 clients , its not going to be a business just a side job as I am to busy with school to be able to devote time to more then 2 clients. So thats why I was thinking to keep it as add-on domains.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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