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    Hey everyone, I’m sure a lot of you have run into this problem….where your background image(s) don’t display in I.E.?

    I had this problem the other day and to my discovery, found that I.E. had a hard time displaying short-hand CSS….because, when I changed my short-hand CSS to long-hand CSS, my images displayed fine in I.E. This didn’t have anything to do with the wrong image path or anything like that…because images displayed fine with short-hand CSS in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

    I don’t get how changing short-hand CSS to long-hand CSS *instantly* fixes the background image problem with I.E. Is there another solution to this? I’ve been looking for an article or something that explains this problem, but alas, no luck so far.

    Thank you all!!!

    :) Rob


    Hi Rob,

    Could you please post an example of the CSS your using as i think it may just be a simple oversight your missing.


    Also…was it ALL versions of IE or just a specific one?


    Robst, I always have the problem you speak of. There are different solutions for different versions of IE as well. I have not found another way other than switching to long-hand. You can do it all in the same style-sheet or make different ones specific to IE. I also notice in IE7 that I couldn’t add a background image on an (a) tag. The solution was to add a width and height to the (a) tag, which does nothing in other browsers. If you ever come across that bug I hope you remember the trick I used or find a better one. Good luck!


    Please Give the space between image & second attribute or save your file in correct format.

    just like this
    background: url(images.jpg)no-repeat 0 0; its have bug
    background: url(images.jpg) no-repeat 0 0; solution
    should be space above(images.jpg) & no-repeat 0 0;

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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