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    I’ve posted a few topics about this but I’ve finally cancelled Creative Cloud. Not totally by choice but whatever…

    While installing Arch, I somehow broke Windows. Cannot boot to it from GRUB and the repair disc doesn’t work. No biggie. I think I can download the install ISO and reinstall if I ever needed it.

    But… this gave me the push I needed to abandon Adobe and I gotta be honest: I’m kinda loving it.

    I think GIMP and Inkscape lack some of the polish that Photoshop and Illustrator have but they have advantages too. They’re both lightning fast. When I hit the the launch dock icon, it’s less than 2 seconds before they open. In many ways, I think Inkscape is more intuitive than Illustrator, especially in the way it handles transforming anchor points. I LOVE that I never have to leave Linux and I can edit pages on the fly! Now I know what Mac users feel like. Ha ha.

    Anyway, this post is meant for anyone who wants to be a web dev with little or no cash invested. Adobe is awesome… it’s also really expensive. So, there are options.

    *NOTE: I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to be a print designer. Adobe products have some functionality that I think really outshines their FOSS counterparts. Photoshop supports Pantone and CMYK natively. Also, for things like advanced blend modes, Photoshop is the clear winner. Also, GIMP doesn’t support RAW photo format without a plugin.

    That said, I only use these programs for logos and mockups and I don’t need anything I can’t re-create with CSS so I’m good. Plus, I only ever use RGB color mode because I only deal in web. Give it a shot and see what you think!

    P.S. the key bindings are weird in GIMP but I think I can change them.

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