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    Hi, So basically i would like the logo of my website to rotate on rollover. Im running a theme i recently bought on wordpress and have been struggling amending the right bits of code.

    I have managed to find the code to actually make the transition

    -webkit-transition-duration: 0.8s;
    -moz-transition-duration: 0.8s;
    -o-transition-duration: 0.8s;
    transition-duration: 0.8s;

    -webkit-transition-property: -webkit-transform;
    -moz-transition-property: -moz-transform;
    -o-transition-property: -o-transform;
    transition-property: transform;





    I just have no idea where i am supposed to place this code in order to create this effect. I am assuming in the stylesheet but nothing that i am trying is working. My website is live [here]( “here”):

    if you need any more info, bits of code to further assist me do let me know.

    any help would be greatly appreciated


    Im still not having much luck getting this to work. So as suggested, i have placed the code that i found in my stylesheet along with the piece of code that you have so kindly given me ( pbviously changing the img src to that of the image…. but nothing is happening?? what am i doing wrong @mottie??


    I hope im not just being silly!


    okay so i have placed the css code in the stylesheet, the other piece of code(html) needs to go into one of the php files?

    I’m not sure if this theme is just bugging out because ive made this code work before with a previous theme. Ive tried putting that snippet of code inside every php but to no avail. Index, sidebar, header…. none of them seem to work.


    under theme-options.php there is talk of logo, however this seems to be pretty much the only time such a phrase is used in any of this themes code: it goes as follows

    Logo url

    If left blank, theme will not display logo.


    now ive made my site go blank, this is an actual nightmare!


    after a lot of messing around, i had a good think about it and it just all of a sudden made a billion times more sense to me with regards to what i was doing wrong. The piece of code your referring to on my end was basically a condtional ‘if’ ‘else’ statement that i was trying to add to instead of just getting rid of it all completely. Got there in the end. Thank you very much for you help and more importantly putting up with my incontinence!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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