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    I had a blog for three months and didn’t take too much care of. Few days ago decided to make it better and give it a new look.

    With the help of someone from css-tricks forum ironed what I think it was the latest noticeable bug, wiped the dirt and it’s ready.
    I’m more an amateur in the learnig phase and I’d appreciate everyone that could give me a humble opinion.


    well, no opinion so far. I guess I didn’t did that good.


    I too did ask for a review of a website with no success, but I guess people here have lives ;-)

    I am not a professional like people over here, but I’ve seen your blog and I think you should move the logo or fill it with a solid background. The word “SHOT” is over the shapes of the header bg and that makes it difficult to see.

    I’m not a fan of the colors of the top region and I personally don’t know what is the second menu, or is it a group of tags? I like the green box at the right though.

    There are tools online like this and this that may help you choose the colors of the top of your blog.

    It’s a bit difficult to guess what the two buttons at the left of the search box are, unless you click them. Ok, maybe the first one you can guess, but the second is not so clear to me until I click it.

    Points for being responsive and having a clean look. The fonts are readable.

    The rest is fine under my ignorant eyes. I wish you had a review by one of the professionals here. At least I hope my feedback was useful to you.

    My post is here if you want to take a look.

    P.D. By the way, if my eyes don’t lie me…. that’s rumanian, right?


    About the buttons I wanted to keep it small and istead of FontAwesome I just called the default WordPress Dashicons and I’m kinda limited in options. Maybe for the social button I could use one of the two icons for share.
    About the logo, I like what I’ve achieved and I’ll see what I can do abouth the blue text.

    Thanks mate and yes, it’s romanian. :)


    Layout is excellent but I do think you are losing a lot of impact with the choice of colors. There’s lot of sites out there to match up complimentary colors. I agree that the second level menu is fuzzy and hard to read. I also think the green on blue drop downs of your main menu are also hard to read.


    Nice and responsive! Good job!


    It will be better to note when it will be finished in 100 % :)


    Thanks all for your opinions.

    Since you may leave comments on this in the future, just want to notice you that even though the theme I asked your opinion about turned in the Beauty from the Beast I changed it with something more complex( and not so barebone at the begining).

    I’m learning but don’t have yet the necessary coding skills or time to replicate some features I found in the new theme( despite the looks that have my touch I didn’t had anything to do on the coding side as I did with the first one) like Less, the huge number of customizable sidebars …etc, that I liked too much to make me change.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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