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    Hi there!

    I would love to ask you guys how you actually get your stuff started.
    Stuff we do in HTML/CSS are either templates that are used in a CMS or Forum together with a templating engine (TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB or similar)
    Or we use it as part of an application.

    After a lot of projects, I got more and more scripts that I use in every project.. A structure how I organize my css files and where I put some rules.
    I found a nice fantastic ebook that tries to differ the CSS rulesets – I talk about SMACSS (
    I created a toolset of stuff I need everyday and called it WebKick – the Template Kickstarter. It can be found on Github:
    It also contains a CSS3 only Framework which is in development yet.

    I ask you guys: what are your everydays tools?
    How do you get your templates started?
    And for what kind of thing do you use them? CMS? Forum? Application?

    Thank you in advance for answering one or more questions :)

    Have a good day

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