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    I’ll get right to it;

    I’m curious about potential overuse of microdata in a website and wanted peoples opinions on what is overuse (spam) and what is not enough.

    **Example Case:**
    I’m developing a website for a Building Supply company. They want their address and products to be listed in Google results. For this question, I’m primarily going to focus on the address. Products, while similar, are generally unique and wouldn’t duplicate on the same page (usually). I’m well aware there is a lot more involved in SEO, but this point is where I would like to hear some feedback.

    Is it possible to overuse microdata? For example, I have the address listed in the header. I have that setup with microdata, the article tag, etc. They would like the address also in the footer. Should I utilize microdata again with that address, being the same as the header, or should I not even bother. Further, if the contact page gets crawled, should the address there be with microdata too?

    So to outline my questions:
    Can duplicate microdata hurt listings?
    How many duplicates are considered too much?

    I hope my question is clear. Any opinions are welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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