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    I have been designing my sites on a Mac and have been testing them on the Safari, Firefox. Chrome and Opera. they all work great. So I have just bought a new dell with Windows 8.1 which plays IE11 for testing purposes which also works perfectly. the website is

    now what i need to do is make this work on an IE8 and above browsers. is there any documentation that you can suggest to make this leap backwards as easy as possible including css & html tricks for rendering, short cuts, patches, etc. also a way to view ie8 without having to pay a a fortune to browser stack?

    really appreciate any feedback you may share.


    isn’t this the same question?


    Testing is answered in the post above.

    As for IE8 fixes, it shouldn’t be to hard to support it unless you’re using some very new CSS features.

    You use IE conditional statements to load css fixes specifically for IE users.

    You can use tools like modenizr to test for features and apply classes to <html> accordingly (this will allow you to load fallbacks not only for ie).

    If your using html5 tags you’ll definitely need the html5 shim.

    If you want it to be responsive for IE6-8 you can use respond.js .

    Any problems you run into just search it and a solution usually pops up right away.


    Alright so I just opened your page up in IE8, a lot of your scripts don’t work…

    • That little animated banner thing at the top just displays a white box.
    • IE8 doesn’t support media queries so I basically see an expanded version of your mobile version.
    • The menu button doesn’t work.
    • There’s no max width because your width wrapper is loaded within a media query.
    • Some of the text looks a little different.

    I’d probably just add respond.js to your page since its already completely js-dependent. That will fix all the media query page wrapper stuff.

    You could do fallback for your text shadows and such using modinizr.

    Honestly most of the code inside is horrible. A lot of its not even being used. Why is your main header in a



    Have you ever contemplated on using virtual machines? You can download VirtualBox for free, then download every Windows from XP through 8.1 on a Mac. Problem = solved. Best of all, it’s all completely free. Now, sell that Dell PC. You no longer need it :p


    Honestly most of the code inside is horrible. A lot of its not even being used.

    I think, with apologies if I am mistaken, that a lot of the design/construction is undertaken with Adobe Edge products / services.

    To the best of my knowledge those do not really produce what I would call ‘production ready’ code.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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