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    I don’t know if I will be asking for too much but this would help me a lot. I was watching one of the three tutorials in building a web site and when Chris started coding the site he had a few files already made which is a great idea, that way if you know that your pages are going to be auto-margin in most of your designs why not have something ready.

    Chris Is it possible to for you to post the files you usually use ( the folders shown at the begging of the coding section)?

    I’m new to CSS and would like to have something pre-made, even if is something simple.

    Thanks a lot!

    # October 8, 2009 at 12:27 am

    Honestly, if Chris gets back to you with the files, I wouldn’t recommend you use them. Instead, look at them, get a feel for what css is doing what to the layout and then build your own from scratch. Use them to help you learn rather than using them as your foundation.

    Sorry if that sounds really patronising, it’s really not meant to :)

    And I realise this doesn’t answer your question. But from my experience when I was learning (not that long ago), it was really important that I understood every line of css that I wrote.

    I don’t know how new you are to css, but there are some great tools that let you inspect the code from any website. If you use Firefox as your web browser then Firebug is a great addon that lets you do just that. You can even mess with the CSS and see your changes live as you do it.

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    You are probably right, I will try to create my own.

    Thanks a lot!

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